WFC 2013 Recap

I’ve been involved in running several conventions over the last few years, mostly filling the role of booking/hosting author readings. Some might say it’s a thankless job, but I won’t. In fact, I received so many complements from authors and fans this time around that I couldn’t be more pleased with the way things turned out.  I’d like to take a moment to thank all of the authors who shared their work, everyone who attended a reading, and a special “thank you” to Allen Ashley who coordinated the Poetry Showcase that was held on Saturday evening. Thank you for making this year’s Reading Cafe one of the best ever.

One of the best parts of attending conventions is the opportunity to be with like minded people. People who share a passion for reading, writing and keeping the art of storytelling alive. People who remind you why you wanted to be a writer in the first place.  Please who are willing to help you when you are struggling, and who are there to celebrate the victories, too.

I’ve been in a bit of a hole in the last couple of years. Some personal losses in that time made me doubt whether or not I had any stories left to tell. I busied myself with several writing related volunteer projects. Being a Jury Chair for the Bram Stoker Awards for the last two years certainly allowed me to learn more about what makes a good story. But it didn’t leave me with a whole lot of free time to actually write any new stories of my own.

So back to the people…the fellow writers/friends who want to see you succeed…I am fortunate to have a few of them in my corner. The most important moments at this convention were the conversations where I got the right mix of tough love, inspiration, and motivation from friends old and new. I’m thankful for everyone of them.

And for those who like visual aids, here’s a few photos from WFC 2013.  Cheers!

Patrick Rothfuss fills the Reading Cafe.

Patrick Rothfuss fills the Reading Cafe.

Convention swag

Convention swag

Books I couldn't leave England without.

Books I couldn’t leave England without.

My pint of Stella at the Druid's Head.

My pint of Stella at the Druid’s Head.

The real reason to go to the UK...SWEETS!

The real reason to go to the UK…SWEETS!

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